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Justin Stevenson on my book Fitness marketing Strategies.

This book will get you more new clients or members through the use of simple, inexpensive marketing strategies and promotions.



I have finally completed re-organised, updated and added even more material to fitness marketing strategies.

The site was a bit “nasty” in terms of layout and “navigatabilty” well that’s changed, and so has the pricing. I realise that some fitness centres (including it seems Fitness First-who cannot sell their Australian operations-must be all the publicity about their... and I'll be careful here.... sales tactics etc) are doing it tough.

The “Fitness Marketing Dashboard” as I now call it has everything broken down into separate modules with the chance to purchase each module separately as well as actually see what you are getting.

Not only that, each module purchased on an individual basis comes with a half hour of my time thrown in-and I promise I can come up with some really interesting ways that you can generate leads, sales and referrals.

Also my “busyness” has been finishing off my exercise system which is called “Work Out Of The Week”

This is a “holistic” exercise system that I give to the people that with us here at Definition, I also sell it from the internet for $77, yes this makes me the fitness “Guru” of Blacktown.

You can download one of the bonuses I give away with the system PRIOR to anyone buying it this is an example of "viral" marketing. download here

Fitness wise we may be surrounded by 13 other centres BUT none of them has what we have,(me working for Definition:-) so when someone joins they get this to help them get the results they pay us for.

Creating this along with my other products "Power Cardio Secrets" and "Fabulousy Fit Forever" has been very profitable for me especially in terms of credibility, it shows that I eat sleep and breathe what I do, and the money isn't bad either!

Surprisingly WOTW only took me about 30 hours to put the whole thing together, and I also plan to show other health and wellness businesses how to do this, weather you’re a fitness centre or marital arts yoga etc, this can help you to set your business apart from the others.



Now a VERY special offer watch the little movie-its only a short one and see what 52 weeks of fitness newsletters can do for your business, IF you are already one of my customers you get for FREE whoo hoo!

It can be used in so many ways, here are a few.

  • Use it along with the bonuses to generate leads, using the “squeeze page”
  • Use it as content to form a book and put your name on it as the author-yes I can show you how to do this.
  • Use the bonuses to establish your the expert in the field of health and fitness, rewrite the books and make yourself the author, yes you are allowed to do this and I can show you how.
  • Use the content for your written newsletters if you have one, all ready  to simply “cut and paste" and adapt as you see fit.
  • Use the newsletters as part of an “education series” with your regular mail outs, include special offers” and promotions that you may be having.
  • Etc…etc..!

Very simply I’m not going to put some BS price on this-but think about how long it would take you to create 52 newsletter emails, along with all the other bonuses and then put a dollar value on your time!





If not you can get it for only $37 by simply going to and buying one of the modules! or all the modules for only $97.

If you buy all the modules I will DOUBLE the amount of time you'll get a full hour of my help instead of half an hour!

Go to Kim Martins Fitness Marketing Dashboard To order you'll have the extra bonus  within an hour, you'll immediately be granted access to the dashboard if you buy or modules or I'll be in contact very shortly to send you you're individual module-and see the guarantee if I don't give you your individual module within 24 hours!


We now have literally more leads than we can handle-and its NOT telemarketing! I’m going to repeat that in capitals we now have MORE LEADS than we can handle.

It involves a medical centre, health fund rebates and some very innovative ideas, no it will not work with a lot of your businesses BUT yes it can be adapted.

I know I’m being a bit mysterious but this info is not free it’s reserved for my "Platinum Members” who work one on one with me to generate new leads, new sales and new referrals without shelling our literally thousands of dollars with companies like “Creative Fitness Marketing”, or "Lifeforce” or any other company that takes a fat slice of your profits and leaves you to service your members after they are long gone.

Call me on 0409 771 606 if you’d like more information on my Platinum Coaching Club-In it I do all the "heavy Lifting" and provide you with "ready to go" everything. I will lift your bottom line by at least 15% over 12 months, guaranteed.

And No its not for everyone I may NOT be able to help you, but a chat is free.

Warm Regards


NB Getting your staff making a variety of phone calls, good old fashioned customer service and continually coming up and not being afraid to try new offers are a couple of ways that you'll generate new business, please don't believe for a second that "loyalty" exists the way it used too. It doesn't!

NBB Is there a right way to handle an incoming phone call? yes is there a wrong way? heck yes listen to this! Flush My Dollars Down The Drain Don’t know how much money they are losing but they are not doing themselves any favors answering the phone this way.

NBBB If you're looking for a great place to source fitness products for resale the SMAI Australia is one of the best places to go. We easily make 100% markup on the bag gloves that we sell at the gym. Go to  and check out their price, look for the "clearance items" !

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