"3o minutes of my time conditions"

Please read carefully

Please allow at least 48 hours to set up our initial consultation.

My suggestions that you go through everything, read the book, and then take some time formulating what you'd like to discuss that way we won't waste anytime in getting to the "meat" of what you'd like assistance in.

If I am unable to do (unlikely!) then I'll research for you someone who can. Please note I'm not a programmer, web designer, or copywriting guru although with exception of programming I've done just about most other things associated with web marketing. Yes your time may include  some free tools or software that I'll provide as part of your request!

I charge $120 per hour to do any type of consulting work associated with my business, if your task needs to be longer than that I'll:

Let you know in advance, you'll then have 2 choices to get me to do as much as I can to complete what you request and hand the rest over to you, or I'll give you "mates rates" at $70 per hour for the first hour after that,$85 per hour for the second hour and $95 for the third hour after that.

I work off a retainer so if it's more than the half hour allocated you'll simply paypal me for the first hour. The $70 is charged for any part of the hour.

What you have left will be a credit towards any future work if that's the case.

I do however work fast, and efficiently and it's my promise that I'll deliver maximum value for your money!