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to Go To  To Go To Tips For Eliminating Poor Performance, how to conduct team meetings and the role of the sales manager.


to Go To To Go To What Makes a Good Sales Manager, how to conduct and audit, and the seven qualities of a leader.


to Go To To Go To 6 Point Plan for Gaining New Business Outlines


to Go To Incoming Call Evaluation Script, this one script alone could save you thousands in lost sales if your reception/customer service staff are not handling incoming calls correctly.


To Go To Customer Relationship Management CRM - principles, strategy, solutions, and ideas for effective customer relationship management. Focus on finding out what your customers want and delivering services and or goods in a win win situation.


To Go To Decision Making Template ask yourself and answer these questions to determine if you are ready to make a change, or ready to become an innovator. Often as innovators we are not always aware of when it's time to change, what to change, if to change, or how to change.


To Go To Code Of Practice Template

A code of practice is a good way to state clearly your organization's position on important subjects like equality, ethics, contracts, conflict of interest and duty of care. Often these matters get overlooked in the process of buying and selling, only to surface later and cause problems because they've not initially been properly explained or understood. Being able to provide a solid and fair code of practice is therefore important in order to establish a clear common understanding of expectations and deliverables between supplier and customer. so if you don't have one, produce one, get it approved, and start using it.




To Go To Effective Delegation Poor delegation will cause you frustration, demotivates and confuses the other person and fails to achieve the task or purpose itself. So it's a management skill that's worth improving. Here are the simple steps to follow if you want to get delegation right, with different levels of delegation freedom that you can offer.



To Go To Responding To A Customer Complaints Letter. Ideas and tips. Responding to complaints letters is of course a different matter than doing the complaining. If you are in a customer service position of any sort, and you receive complaints from customers, consider the following:

firstly it is important to refer to, and be aware of, and be fully versed in your organisation's policies and procedures for dealing with customer complaints. if your organisation does not have a procedure for complaints handling then you should suggest that it produces one.




To Go To Employee Written Counseling Document. Manage your staff’s behaviour effectively and document all verbal and written counseling, avoiding legal action if dismissal becomes necessary


To Go To A Sample Monthly Sales Target Template. This basic sales report/forecast tool is for a small or new businesses which does not yet have a computerised full management information system, which would normally integrate sales reporting with other business processes.


To Go To Positioning Your Business Template. Positioning is the act of designing your company’s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct valued place in the target customer’s mind.


To go to Sales Training Checklist. Use this checklist to track your sales tool development. Enter dates and check off items as you make progress. We have self-populated the tools we believe are a MUST HAVE. Add to and delete as is appropriate for your own sales process.


To go Front counter Checklist. Use this template to keep on top of the daily duties that keep your centre running smoothly, and ensure that all staff are following procedure.


to Go To  Centre fast start sales training manual for staff-a basic guide that can be easily tailored to suit your services. Full of easy to follow basics.


to Go Mark Hunters 200 sales tips-great for motivational staff handouts etc

to Go To Complete 5 page cleaning checklist, fix up and "To Do List" suitable for single person operator or mega complex

to Go To Mission statement 10 great ideas with suggestions

to Go To Sales and management procedures, holding team meetings, eliminating undesirable behavior

To Go To Employment agreement

To Go To Goal setting diary

To Go To Identifying priorities

To Go To How to maximise your adaptability

To Go To Outline a plan of action. When you expect the best from your staff, have a plan , plan ahead, and provide leadership assignments that relate to the plan.

To Go To Telemarketing proficiency test

To Go To Probationary review period

To Go To Super Bonus Complete staff Induction manual

To Go To Super Bonus Complete staff safety induction manual

To Go To Task and function worksheet

To Go To Employee evaluation report

To Go To Instant Reference Hiring the best what to look for

To Go To Dozens More Forms here

to Go To Staff personal Productivity Sheet This sheet has been designed as a short guide  to help us all in setting personal weekly goals in the aim of improving our performance in areas that may need attention. In other words making us accountable to ourselves as well as the team we work with. At the beginning of the following week we can share at the meeting with our team what we’ve achieved and what needs attention.


to Go To the Various Personnel Documents


to Go To Hundreds More Forms Here!

To Go To 78 FREE And Low-Cost Ways To Add At Least $17,000 or27% To Your Small Business Profits In
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To Go To Prospect Without Pain! Stop wasting time with prospects who won’t buy… and find the ones who will.