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 "Personal development and motivational toolbox"

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A total of 22 CDs PLUS loads of other material designed to motivate, inspire and help you to gain new ideas and fresh perspectives on everyday living and the challenges that are put to us daily. There is no "secret" here apart from some timeless wisdom that can serve you well should you be willing to listen, absorb and utilise some of the ideas you'll be presented with.

No "getting rich overnight"

No false promises of "instant abundance through visualisation" BUT some incredibly practical advice from the pioneers of the "No Success without work" ethic.

It is true as Earl Nightingale said that we become what we think about most of the time, that also applies to what we:

  • Read

  • Watch

  • Listen to

A constant  toxic diet of "current affairs" the daily papers, "shock jocks" ,garbage TV shows (pretty much everything out there) is exactly the same as feeding the body a high fat, high salt and high sugar diet!-G.I.G.O - Garbage In Garbage Out! Feeding the mind with material that's positive, uplifting and  inspirational, has the same effect in REVERSE, it lets you look at old problems, troubles and things you may have thought "insurmountable" with fresh hope and new ideas about what you really can do do to be the "master of your own destiny"

These CDs total over 60 hours and can be played over and over again each time you'll pickup something that you hadn't heard before. Use them when your:

  • Driving

  • Relaxing at home

  • Working on the computer

  • Working out-simply burn them to your MP3 player (they are on disc but we will happily show you what to do should you need assistance)